We are the best NGO Audit Consultancy in Kolkata , West Bengal. Our professionals provide solutions and best practice recommendations to help NGOs maintain financial stability with increased accountability and transparency . We are providing NGO Renewal Services In Kolkata & Annual Report for NGOs In Kolkata . We understand that accounting for nonprofit organizations can be challenging. When you take into consideration the myriad of cash flow concerns and tax ramifications, it becomes more than apparent that not for profit accounting differs immensely from that of traditional businesses. 

We have a special and specially trained nonprofit accounting team that works with nonprofits on audits, tax compliance .

UCNC Services Provided :

Audits of financial statements.
NGO Tax compliance and consulting services.
Organizational, operational and financial analysis .
Revenue recognition assessments.
Expenses allocation analysis.
Internal control evaluation.
Accounting policies and procedures manuals.
Financial and management reporting.
Cash flow projections.
Training of finance personnel.

If you want NGO Audit , NGO Renewal Services In Kolkata & Annual Report for NGOs In Kolkata , West Bengal our Audit Team can help you. Do not hesitate to contact our team of NGO Audit experts. Call Today …